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When it is time to upgrade your office equipment, there are often many questions about your new purchase. As there are still monochrome (black and white) printers available for cost-effective prices, many small businesses question whether they really need a color printer. Before you start looking around at printer sales in Scottsdale, AZ, here are five reasons why you might need a color printer as opposed to a monochrome one:

Business literature or presentations are common projects in your office: Some businesses outsource their graphics, while others maintain a design staff to create sales brochures and presentation materials. If your enterprise is one of the latter types, you definitely require a color printer. There is also a certain flexibility to creating a pamphlet or flyer on a whim before going out on a sales call or appointment. That is why many fast-paced, consumer-oriented businesses prefer keeping their own color printers.
You print photographs: Color printers are a must-have for businesses that rely on photographs. Real estate agencies, for example, depend heavily on photos of the homes they sell and being able to place those on flyers created for open house events. While the Internet is an excellent cost-effective way to advertise through photographs, you will still need flyers that feature well-printed photos if you sell homes, art or any other type of product that is very appearance-based.
More graphics but less text: Offices that produce mainly text documents, such as law firms, can usually get away with a monochrome printer. This will save them money as well as time, since monochrome printers are often quicker. However, if your business prints more graphics than text, you will find a color printer much more desirable. If your graphics present well in black and white or you use them primarily for in-house activities, you might get away with a monochrome printer under those circumstances, too. However, don’t be surprised if your employees engage more with your material when it is in color.
You produce your own letterhead: If your office uses pre-printed letterhead, it is easier to get away with a monochrome printer. The color that helps your correspondence pop is already there, and that gives you less to worry about in terms of the design and presentation requirements. However, if you prefer to print letterhead in tandem with printing your documents, going with a color printer is a better option—especially if your communication includes sales letters to potential customers.
Your business requires options: Perhaps you have just opened your doors, or you recently decided to take a different approach with your business. During these new or transition times, it is not a good idea to shut down options, and that includes the small stuff. Even if you think there is only a slight chance that the new sales campaign or other development will benefit from a color printer, purchase one anyway. When things are not certain, you are better off having too many options at your disposal than too few.

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