Should I fix my Copier or Replace it? | |

Copiers are liable to experience a number of problems during their lifespan. We all know that the speed of business doesn’t wait for your printer or copier to be fixed, so you may be asking yourself, “Is it worth it to repair the copier, or should I simply buy a new one?”

When your business relies on a copier, then it’s essential to have a service that offers high quality Ricoh copier repair in Scottsdale, AZ. Of course, you could also skip the whole question of repairing vs. buying new by taking advantage of one of the super convenient copier rental programs like those offered at Click Copiers. Let’s take a look at what the best solution is for your Ricoh copier.

Is replacement worth it?

The short answer is, probably not. It’s typically less expensive to fix a copier than to replace it. When you have an excellent trained technician, you can rest easy knowing that the problem will be resolved and that your copier will function smoothly again.

How long will it take?

Copier repair isn’t like bringing your car in to the shop. Once you have a technician out at your business, they should be able to take care of it fairly quickly. The cost of the repair is variable and largely dependent on what’s wrong with the machine.

What can I do to avoid future problems?

Copiers typically require parts to be replaced, especially if they’re used with great frequency, like in a business. Following Ricoh’s guidelines for replacing parts and basic maintenance is a key part of copier ownership. One common issue is dust buildup in the interior of the machine. That’s why it’s smart to schedule routine maintenance regardless of whether the copier is busted.

Don’t want to worry about all that? Then a leasing program like those we offer at Click Copiers is likely to be a great option for you.

What’s the nature of the problem?

The good news for copier owners is that most everything from black spots to paper jams to display errors is fixable. If you find an excellent repair service, they’ll be able to take care of you no matter how big or small the job is.

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