Printers and copiers have evolved considerably over the last few decades. They’ve shrunken in size, incorporated internet connectivity and added numerous functions. While manufacturers have also addressed mechanical and software issues, that doesn’t mean these machines are completely immune from problems. Some problems you’ll be able to fix on your own, whereas others will require that you bring in the professionals.Of course, you could always skip all these problems by going with Ricoh copier rental in Scottsdale, AZ. When you rent from Click Copiers – Scottsdale, you’ll receive free comprehensive care covering any printer or copier issue. If you do buy a Ricoh or other leading brand copier, here are some problems you may run into at one point or another, and what you can do about them:

  • Toner issues: Low or malfunctioning toner is a problem you’ll deal with frequently. If it’s just low toner, replacing the cartridge is the quick fix. If replacement doesn’t fix the problem, then you’re dealing with some kind of malfunction and will need to call for repair services. You do need to check that the cartridge you’re using is compatible with the copier as well.
  • Paper jams: One area that copiers have improved in is experiencing fewer paper jams. Nevertheless, they still happen. Your machine should have a manual that shows you how to remove most paper jams. To avoid this issue happening again, periodically cleaning dust off the feed tires can help.
  • Lines appearing out of place: If you notice a bunch of lines or streaks are randomly showing up on printed pages, it could be that there’s some foreign substance on the scanner glass. It could also be a more complicated issue, such as a unit malfunction that will require you to call your service provider.
  • Ink is too light or too dark: The simple fix here is to change the density controls. While some copier interfaces are less than intuitive, you should be able to find the density by hunting around a bit. Give it a test at a different density level and see how the pages come out. Alternatively, this problem could mean that the printer drum is coming to the end of its life and needs to be replaced.

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