Four Things You Should Know About Copier Leases | |

Most businesses, particularly smaller operations, look to reduce overhead in any way they can. These days, that often means leasing certain office equipment, like copiers and printers, rather than purchasing your own. There are many benefits to leasing a copier. It not only helps reduce upfront costs, but it also eliminates the hassle and costs associated with maintenance.

Unfortunately, people tend to not concern themselves with the details of a copier lease the way they would when renting a car or leasing office space. Sadly, some leasing companies try to take advantage of this fact by slipping in certain wording or renewal tactics that may make things difficult for a renter later down the road. If you are thinking of looking into copier leases in Scottsdale, AZ for your business, here are a few terms and contract specifics you should be aware of when going over a copier lease.

Automatic renewal

An automatic lease renewal can mean that your lease contract will automatically renew at the end of the original lease agreement, unless you request otherwise. While this is usually convenient for most people, since it eliminates the hassle of having to sign a new contract agreement every year and can help you lock in at a certain rate, it can be a surprise for some people who were intending to end their lease at the end of the contracted time.

Buyout options

Buyout options often allow you to purchase the copier at a discounted rate at the end of your lease. Again, while this is beneficial for some businesses in many ways, it may not be ideal for everyone. If you are not planning on purchasing your copier at the end of the lease term, the buyout option may actually be costing you more each month without providing you any added benefits.


Most copier leases will mention the fact that the copier is not under warranty under the lease agreement. However, this does not necessarily mean that there is no warranty coverage at all. Typically, in these cases, the maintenance and repair of the copier is included in the service contract of your lease agreement.

Shipping, return and delivery costs

Depending on your agreement and where you lease your copier from, you may be responsible for returning the copier at the end of the lease, which can be an unexpected cost for some. In other cases, the copier company may provide drop-off and pickup services, but these may involve an extra charge. To avoid surprises, it’s important to be aware of what the process for pickup and delivery when reviewing your lease.

Opting for copier leases in Scottsdale, AZ instead of buying your own can be a really smart business decision. However, in order to make sure you are getting the greatest value out of your lease agreement, be sure to read through it carefully. If you’d like to learn more about the copier rental services available through Click Copiers – Scottsdale, as well as our customer-friendly lease agreements, call or stop in today!