Ricoh is a brand name you’ll see in offices throughout the United States and worldwide. No matter what type of business, how big it is or what its document needs may be, Ricoh remains a top choice for copiers and printers. But taking advantage of all of the benefits this exceptional brand has to offer comes with a caveat: Ricoh products need routine service and maintenance.

Think of your Ricoh copier like a luxury car: you pay for the features and reliability it offers, but the trade-off is a strict adherence to maintenance. But when you think about it, is this really a trade-off at all? After all, routine maintenance isn’t hard and is something you’ll likely end up investing in anyway, as a way of preventing the need for major copier repair in Scottsdale, AZ.

At Click Copiers – Scottsdale, we’re familiar with all of the great benefits Ricoh copiers have to offer. More importantly, we know exactly what it takes to keep these machines running smoothly for as long as you own them.
The Cost of Great Benefits

You might be wondering why Ricoh copiers have such strict maintenance needs or why they might need professional service instead of the usual staff checkup. The answer comes in the form of their high function. Simply put: their superior function needs expert oversight. Take a look at the high level of performance that comes out of these machines when they’re properly maintained (model-dependent):

  • Copies produced in 10 seconds or less
  • Up to 22 copies per minute
  • Full bleed printing and copying feature
  • Document finishing (stapling, punching, etc.)
  • Page duplexing capabilities
  • Network-enabled capabilities (fax, scanning, email, etc.)


Needless to say, there are a lot of moving parts and a lot going on when Ricoh copiers kick themselves into high gear! It’s no surprise that constant function at this high level will take a toll on the mechanical nature of the machine eventually.
Professional Service Oversight

You might be the type of person who can change the oil in your car or do the brakes, but do you have the expertise to replace head gaskets or balance your camshaft? Probably not. Here again, the same applies to copier repair in Scottsdale, AZ. You might be able to route a paper jam or repair an off-kilter toner cartridge, but you probably can’t fix misaligned print heads or recalibrate the duplexing sensor.

The moral of the story here is that maintenance, repairs and general service for your Ricoh copier need to be left to a trained and qualified individual. At Click Copiers – Scottsdale, our techs have spent years familiarizing themselves with Ricoh products and the many intricate services they require to function at their fullest. We’re well equipped to diagnose, repair and otherwise maintain your high-quality piece of equipment.

Keeping your business running at high capacity means having equipment that can keep up. When your office is operating on the back of a Ricoh copier, your documents are in good hands. Make sure your equipment itself is ready to keep up with the demands of your everyday business environment.