If you’re looking into printer sales in Scottsdale, AZ, you might find yourself wondering about whether any repairs will be needed down the line. However, the reality is that no matter how well you take care of your office’s printers, the nature of technology means that, at some point, a repair will likely be in order.

Nevertheless, there are some steps you can perform on your own to help extend the life of your printer and avoid some common repairs that can tend to occur due to a lack of user maintenance:

  • Operate your printer frequently: Much like with a car, using your printer irregularly can cause it to stop functioning properly, as an ink cartridge may dry up when not used. Don’t have anything specific to print? Select a couple of pages at random every now and then to keep your ink cartridges in good working order.
  • Stay safe and be careful: When you open the printer, turn off the power first to prevent possible damage. If you are addressing a printer issue yourself, such as a paper jam, take the time to be gentle and to perform the fix carefully (such as removing jammed paper slowly rather than yanking it and potentially tearing it). Also, help reduce the chance of printer damage by placing the machine away from any sources of heat and out of busy pass-through areas to prevent it from getting bumped around.
  • Check for the latest drivers: Many avoidable printer problems can occur when users don’t make a point to update their drivers. When you learn from your manufacturer that a new driver is available, be sure to install it promptly. You can also add regularly checking your manufacturer’s website for driver updates to your list of maintenance tasks.
  • Perform regular cleaning: Ensuring your printer remains as free of dust and debris as possible can help extend its life. You can use moistened Q-tips and brushes with soft bristles to remove any grime you find inside your printer. Spraying compressed air can also work well for this purpose.
  • Be selective with ink cartridges: If you’re looking to cut costs in your office, ink refill cartridges are not the place to do so. You may come across cheaper options, but brand name, high-quality cartridges will help keep your printer running smoothly, not to mention producing the best quality printouts.

Now that you’re familiar with some routine printer maintenance tasks you can perform on your own, you might be ready to locate a provider of printer sales in Scottsdale, AZ. Click Copiers – Scottsdale provides businesses with month-to-month leasing options for copy machines, various types of printers and more. Your lease may be updated or canceled at any time.

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