As the second fiscal quarter of the year kicks off, you’re probably thinking about the best ways to cut costs in your office. If you’ve been allocating a lot of resources to printing and copying services, you’ll be happy to know that cutting the amount you spend on copying can be accomplished relatively easily. There are several ways that you can reduce waste and save money on copying. While these methods can make a big difference, the most cost-effective option for you might just be copier rental in Scottsdale, AZ.

Ways to save money on copying

One of the best ways to reduce waste when it comes to printing and copying is to simply make fewer copies. Oftentimes, you end up with far more copies than you actually need. Make enough copies to meet your need without adding too many extras into the equation. Determining how many copies you really need might be a bit of a trial and error process at first, but it can greatly reduce waste in your office. Whenever possible, opt for grey-scale copies rather than full-color. Color cartridges tend to be more expensive, so they should be saved for when they’re really needed. Consider reserving color copies for client-facing materials and utilize grey-scale copies for internal use.

Instead of printing out physical copies of memos for employees, increase the utilization of email. Taking office communication online can help mitigate the costs associated with printing and copying. Another option for saving money on office printing and copying needs is to explore more energy-efficient printer and copier models. Newer office equipment is designed to run with a high degree of efficiency and can make all the difference when it comes to cutting costs. Efficient printers and copiers use less ink and toner, and they can be a big time-saver, too, since they operate so smoothly and effectively.

If you’re serious about cutting costs and a brand-new printer or copier is outside of your budget, you can enjoy the energy-efficiency of quality equipment without the upfront costs through printer or copier rental in Scottsdale, AZ. When you rent your copier, you can bring a more efficient piece of equipment into your office without spending a large sum of money outright. Additionally, some printer and copier rental services provide maintenance and parts at no extra charge as a part of the rental agreement. If you want to update your office equipment, printer or copier rental is a fantastic option that can save you money.

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