Take Advantage of Commercial Printer Sales in Scottsdale, AZ! Resolve to Maintain Office Equipment This New Year

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As a small business owner, you are well aware of just how expensive business-related materials can be. Not only must you set aside enough funds to rent or pay a mortgage on a workspace, but everything from office supplies to office equipment will also cost you. Take care of your stuff! If you are taking advantage of commercial printer sales in Scottsdale, AZ, make sure you and your office staff keep the new shared printer in good condition. Resolving to better maintain important office equipment in 2017 can be made easier with the following tips:

  • Put it in the right spot: Besides setting up the office printer in an easily accessible area for all employees to use, it needs to be put in the right spot for its own good. In other words, its lifespan depends on you positioning it out of harm’s way. Because excessive heat is not good for office machines like commercial printers, avoid setting it up too close to heating vents or in direct sunlight. Also, keep printers away from cold spots, including the air conditioner during the summer months and the windows during the winter.
  • Clean it regularly: To properly maintain your office printer and increase its life, plan to clean it on a regular basis. Clean the inside as well as the outside every day, as dust and grime are universal problems that can cause printer cartridges and components to malfunction. Use blasts of compressed air to clear away dust and other debris from internal working parts, and use a clean cloth to wipe down the exterior of the unit. Corrosion is also a concern, especially since it can spread to other parts of the printer.
  • Use it often: If your business does not use the printer daily, plan on printing daily test documents to ensure proper function for when the machine is used again. Why print no matter what? Because a printer that sits too long without being used can lead to ink cartridges drying up, clogged headers and stiff components. This not only wastes money, but could also cause some serious damage to printer parts.
  • Turn it off: There’s a lot of heat generated when a big printer is plugged in. So, if you are planning on not using it for a long period of time—such as an extended holiday break or summer vacation—then unplug the machine. When the printer is not continuously on, there’s no electrical heat to dry out ink and toner cartridges, and less wear and tear to printer parts.
  • Deal with paper jams: While you may think you’ve gotten all the paper out of the printer after a paper jam, chances are small pieces still remain trapped. After a printer paper jam, always check for any paper fibers that may be stuck to avoid buildup that can lead to other problems.

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