If you’re looking into commercial copier rental in Scottsdale, AZ, you’ve probably discovered that you have a lot of options. There are many different brands on the market, and they all have a range of benefits to offer your work environment. So how do you narrow it all down? Come add visit Click Copiers – Scottsdale for knowledgeable advice on your rental.

In the meantime, here are some good features you should look for in a commercial copier rental as you get started with your search.

Multipurpose capability

If you’re going to invest in one machine for your office, you want to make sure it has everything you need. Back in the day, you’d need to have separate machines for copying, printing and faxing. Fortunately, it’s common practice to find all of these features (and more) in one copier model. So double check that your potential choices can not only copy, but also print, scan and fax. This will save you the expense of buying multiple machines, and you can have just one machine serviced when the time comes.

You probably already knew that many printers could multitask for print, scan and copy—but did you know that many can also staple and stack? If this is a feature that interests you, keep it on your checklist.

The color you need

Whether you need only black and white or both black and white and color capabilities will depend on the work your office does. Some work environments only need black and white function, since the primary purpose of the copies is for in-house use. However, if you’re a business that needs to create eye-catching flyers, or wants to use the machine to make other literature to give to potential customers, it’s to your advantage to find a commercial copier rental in Scottsdale, AZ that has the capability to print in a full range of colors.

The speed you require

Again, this item on the list depends on the nature of your work environment. Do you print large quantities of a particular document, or are you simply distributing smaller quantities of office paperwork on a regular basis? Click Copiers – Scottsdale has many different options for print speed, for example: 31 pages per minute, 35 pages per minute, 45 copies per minute and 55 copies per minute.

The paper specifications that fit your needs

It’s good to know ahead of time what size paper you need most, so you can plan accordingly. For instance, you might need almost exclusively 8½ x 11 paper capabilities, or if you do more graphic design or other creative projects, you might want your copier rental to have the capability to print other sizes, such as 11 x 17.

We hope these tips have gotten your search for an excellent copier rental in Scottsdale, AZ off to a great start. Call Click Copiers – Scottsdale or stop in anytime to see our full inventory and get expert advice from our experienced staff. We look forward to assisting you soon!