Whether you run your own business or manage an office, you likely have important, expensive office equipment that you rely on every day to carry out regular business tasks. Businesses that use a lot of paper will almost certainly want to invest in a copier, and it’s in their best interest to ensure that their copier operates reliably and at the highest level of quality.

Unfortunately, like all types of office equipment, copiers do act up from time to time, and the need for copier repair in Scottsdale, AZ isn’t at all uncommon. Here are four signs your copier may need some attention from a professional repair technician:

Frequent paper jams: Paper jams are the scourge of any busy office environment. They never happen at convenient times, they hold up everyone’s productivity and the root cause is frequently difficult to diagnose—unless, of course, they’re so frequent that someone has become your office’s resident paper jam expert. Regardless, paper jams are bad for your office, and they’re not good for your copier, either. Call a repair expert as soon as paper jams have become disruptive.
Poor copy quality: A copier that’s making poor quality copies can be a real source of frustration. Whether you’re experiencing streaked printing, too much (or too little) ink on the page, totally blank pages, bad color alignment or other issues with the quality of your copies, these aren’t conditions you’d likely prefer to be experiencing for long. Particularly if you’ve already tried simple remedies like replacing the ink, bad print quality is a good reason to seek out copier repair in Scottsdale, AZ.
Poor performance on large jobs: Busy offices often need to make large quantities of copies. Sometimes you need several dozen (or hundred) copies of a single page, while other times you need to make multiple copies of very large documents. On large jobs like these, you’re counting on your copier to function consistently well from beginning to end—and when that doesn’t happen, you’re likely to be stuck having to reprint individual pages or sections. Paper waste in these cases is often reason enough to call for repairs.
Your existing copier is old: Office equipment doesn’t last forever, and as it ages, the likelihood that it’ll need to be repaired only increases. If your office copier is more than a few years old, you’ve probably already started experiencing issues with reliability and consistency, and it’s almost certainly been a source of frustration on more than one occasion. Keep the age of your copier in mind, and as you experience trouble with the machine, don’t delay in making an appointment with a copier repair company.

It is possible to avoid excessive and frequent copier repair costs by arranging for a routine maintenance schedule with your local copier service provider. Regular maintenance keeps parts in good working order and allows your office equipment to function at its best for a longer period of time. It also provides an opportunity to catch small issues with your equipment before they turn into bigger problems—in other words, before they disrupt your productivity and cost your company a bundle of money.

For reliable and effective copier repair in Scottsdale, AZ—or to arrange for routine preventative maintenance—get in touch with the team at Click Copiers – Scottsdale today. We look forward to assisting you!