The Benefits of Copier Leases in Scottsdale, AZ | |

Setting up shop for your new small business can be incredibly expensive. From signing up for business insurance to printing business cards and purchasing office supplies you may be worried about whether your company will be able to thrive with all these expenses in the long run.

One way you can save on your budget is by opting to lease your copy machine. Purchasing a copier might not be the best option for your company at this time. Instead of spending your hard earned start up money on a fancy copier, you can stretch your budget a little further by leasing instead. Choosing to lease doesn’t mean you doubt whether your business will be successful—it’s a sign that you know what’s the best value for your new business. Here are a three benefits of copier leases in Scottsdale, AZ:


Money often isn’t plentiful for a new company. While your business will grow and earn revenue over time, you may not have the funds to purchase a multifunction copy machine right away. But any business owner knows that a high quality copy machine and printer is crucial to running a functioning and successful business.

By choosing to lease a machine, you will make smaller, manageable payments on a monthly basis instead of one lump sum. Your payment amount will most likely remain the same throughout the entire lease agreement so you’ll never have to worry about how you’ll pay an unusually high bill. Plus, you’ll most likely be able to determine the length of your leasing term to better fit your budget.

Easy upgrades

Just like with cell phones and computers, printer and photo copier technology is quickly changing and improving. Any machine you purchase now will practically be outdated in just a few years’ time. The only way to upgrade to the new technology with a machine you own is to buy a new one altogether. In contrast, most leasing agreements provide an option to upgrade the unit on a regular basis. This way your business will always have the top of the line office technology.

Tax benefits

One unexpected way you’ll notice the benefits of leasing a copier is on your taxes. By leasing the unit, you will be able to deduct each payment from your taxes as it is considered a pretax business expense. That’s a deduction for the whole payment every single time it is made. Businesses can only deduct the depreciation of the machine on any units they own. Typically, that’s only approximately 40 percent the first year and an additional 25 percent each subsequent year. With those numbers, it’s clear that leasing your unit is the smart decision financially.

The best part about choosing to lease your copier from Click Copiers? You’ll never pay more in monthly rental fees than the actual value of the copier because you’ll actually own the equipment by the end of your term! Call us today at 602-717-0777 to start taking advantage of our affordable and flexible services!