Buying may seem easier than copier rental in Scottsdale, AZ. After all, you would not have to deal with a monthly payment, and equipment depreciation is a tax write-off every year. However, there are advantages that you may not be considering when it comes to renting your business’ copying equipment. Here are four of them:

Low cost of entry: Copiers and printers are pricey pieces of machinery. If you decide to go with a higher-end model, you can easily empty your business bank account. When you rent this equipment instead, you pay less to get it into your office and can often enjoy more features as well. This is not only a benefit to new businesses, but also to those in need of modernizing. Renting equipment makes new technology much more accessible with its low cost of entry, and that can be an advantage to your bottom line.
The latest and greatest: When you buy a copier, you also purchase a computer printer. In most machines, these functions are combined. This is often convenient in terms of space, but also adds a disadvantage. Technology changes quickly, and one day, you could end up with an outdated boat anchor that is no longer supported by the newest software upgrade. Copiers also become faster with fewer parts to jam, which can save you time and money if you have upgrade options available. Rather than absorb the cost of obsolescence yourself, pass that over to a rental company who is willing to provide you with updated options every two years.
Easily budgeted: While you may not enjoy making a monthly payment, you will always know how much it costs. This is especially useful when it comes to repairs. Rental also includes the cost of service to your machine. When you own the machine, you have to pay full price for repairs, which can be expensive. Also, some rental companies replace machines when they reach the point where they are beyond repair. That option is not available to you if you buy a copier and suffer a catastrophic breakdown later.
You have an option to buy: Our rental agreements include buyout options where you can pay the purchase price without a penalty. While buying a machine never gives you an opportunity to rent it, signing a rental agreement with us does not prevent you from purchasing the copier later. This can be a good opportunity to check out a brand before you commit to it, and also gives you a chance to see what office equipment you truly need.

Renting equipment from Click Copiers covers all service, support and toner for your copier. You can also cancel at any time without penalties. That option is not usually available with typical equipment leases, but with us, we offer flexible agreements that can be adapted as your equipment needs change.

If you are interested in copier rental in Scottsdale, AZ without hidden fees or penalties, contact Click Copiers today. We have many models available to streamline your business operations.